Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Pampettes Get Ready for Halloween

Madeline gets eye makeup and doesn't quite know how to handle it.
Meet Frankye Stein, the big guy's daughter.
The face that launched 1,000 fellowships.
Oz has his pumpkin Peeps, so he hasn't lost it yet. Yet.
Pampa and the Pampettes: Ready for the 'ween.
OK, so Oz couldn't hold the cool. I primed him (bribed him) with pumpkin Peeps, but that only lasted so long. Soon as Maddie, Oz and me posed at the front door for the picture above, he lost it. Kid hates me. Even with Peeps. They keep telling me it's the hat, the glasses, the something or other all the time. But when I pick up Oz, he picks up a freak-out.

Anyhow, here we are: the loving Pampa and the Pampettes. Maddie's as cute as ever and Oz is ... well ... Oz. But he'll get over it.


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