Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Registration Underway for 2013 Writers Conference in January

Author Cathy Hankla addresses last year's Roanoke Regional writers Conference at Hollins.
The website is up and registration is moving right along for the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference, scheduled Jan. 25-26 at Hollins. Here's a quick look at a blog post I did a couple of weeks ago, telling you who's going to be teaching and talking, but you can go here to get all the details.

If you already know the details and want to register, simply go here. The cost is $60 for two days, 23 classes, a roundtable discussion, a wine reception, a keynote speaker (Kathy Grisson, who wrote The Kitchen House), gallons of coffee and lunch Saturday. It's the best deal you can even imagine.


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