Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leah Takes on the Camera (and Does It with Style)

Leah has decent form already, but we'll make a few adjustments.
Framing a nice shot of the creek.
Leah and I went out on a lovely trail this morning, camera in hand to give her a few pointers on how to use an SLR (single lens reflex, 35mm). Leah's an artist, so I didn't have to say much about composition, color or anything that has to do with the artistry of the form.

She picked it up pretty quickly and I was impressed with some of the shots she got. The woman constantly amazes me with how much she knows about so much and with her innate creativity. Inspiring, I'd say.

Leah shoots one of her favorite views, the big oak lying across the path, creating a bridge.

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