Saturday, October 13, 2012

Women's Conference Draws Full House in Roanoke

Lisa Soltis of Roanoke City (right) registers a young woman.
Sen. Mark Warner chats as the conference kicks off.
Warner poses with Leah Weiss of Lynchburg.
Women chat at Planned Parenthood table.
Warner poses for a photo with a supporter.
Hollins University President Nancy Gray (in red) at the head table.
Kay Dunkley (center) of Virginia Tech with a couple of students.
Young man photographs Wells Fargo representatives.
Roundtable discussion on healthcare was full.
This morning's Virginia Women's Conference at the Hotel Roanoke (of which Valley Business FRONT was a co-sponsor) was an unqualified success, drawing more than 750 women. The primary sponsors for the conference were Sen. Mark Warner (who has put on two others in the past) and Virginia Tech.

The conference featured a number of speakers and breakout sessions on topics of interest to women. It replaced the Women's Forum at Hollins held last year and put together by me (with FRONT as a sponsor there, too).

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