Saturday, October 20, 2012

Maddie's First Big-Time* Football Game

Maddie's first pose in front of the UVa team and crowd in Charlottesville. Likely won't be her last.
Pampa the photographer reflected in Mads' shades.
Mads naps while Leah and Christina watch game and Pampa (shadow) photos.
Mads poses wearing her favorite editor's UVa hat.
Leah and I at OUR first UVa game.

We ran up to Charlottesville today, taking grandgirl Madeline to her first major college football game, this one between UVa and  Wake Forest (16-10 Wake final). Chistina (my favorite ex) and Leah (my girl) went along with Mads, who found the football less than fascinating (she napped for a while), but loved the overall feel of the trip. She adores being with adults and the kid is a delight.  I just love road trips with her.

(*OK, I know Virginia-Wake is not exactly 'Bama-Tennessee, but there were about 35,000 people packed into a 62,000-seat stadium..)

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