Friday, October 12, 2012

Texas Republican Wants to Sway Virginia Senate Race

Oh, it's out of hand. Word comes from the Huffington Post (here) that an obscenely rich contractor from Texas--a guy who backed George Bush and the outrageous Swift Boat campaign--has his financial gun aimed at Virginia Democrat Tim Kaine, who has been leading the Senate race for a good while. He's running against George Allen, who was in the Senate until losing six years ago.

The man, Bob Perry, is making a $1 million donation to a political action committee that is backing Allen. Nearly $10 million has been spent by outside groups on the Virginia Senate campaign by groups attacking Kaine.

Isn't it time we took back our elections?


  1. "Virginia Democrats VOTE!"
    Respectfully submitted,
    Dari Cupp, Democrat

    1. My wife and I voted early yesterday and Tim Kaine has at least two votes "in the bank."

  2. Hell, I hope everybody who wants to vote votes. I hope they're all allowed to vote. I hope they understand what this infusion of money means.