Sunday, October 7, 2012

Photos of the Day: Fashion Statements at W&L

High hem, low cut, boots.
Elegant dress, cowboy boots
Photographing the sorority gals.
Bra straps and boots.
Shades, colors and boots.
My baby and me.
Leah and I went up to Washington & Lee University in Lexington for a homecoming football game and were treated--as is the general case--to an interesting fashion show. The young sorority sisters generally dress in their best for Homecoming and it's a treat to see these fresh, pretty youngsters in their sun dresses and up-to-date frocks. Jeans and other signs of modern campuses aren't in evidence (even the boys wear ties, though often with untucked, unironed, unbottoned shirts and wrinkled khaki shorts). The kids are simply lovely.

What would YOU do with the bra?
Each class, however, adds its own touch. This year, it was the worn cowboy boot and they came in all sizes, shapes and colors and were worn with all manner of elegant dress. Even the homecoming queen--a tiny blonde in a tiny blue dress--had on big cowboy boots. It was hot.

This is what all the celebrating was about.
Herewith some examples of this year's fashion statement (with a shot of my Leah and me thrown in for your amusement).

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