Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Hollins Trailhead: Not Much To Brag About

Sun shines through the cedars on the trail.
The sign announcing you're there.
This bridge marks the beginning.
This is about as good as the view got. Not much to write home about.
I finally found and walked the new Hollins Trailhead to the Tinker Creek Greenway this week and, frankly, I was disappointed. The portion I walked (and with my brand new knee, I couldn't do it all) had very little to see, even at the height of fall color. It was basically a cedar forest and the cedars had been trimmed along the pathway.

The trail is uphill, every step I walked, and ends, I'm told, at Carvin's Cove, the Roanoke water compound. It's a peaceful walk, but if you're looking for a view, try something else.

This one's hard to find, by the way, but let me help (since I pretty much had to find it on my own). Don't go to Hollins University. Instead, go to Exit 146 off I-81 and go west--away from the busy side. You'll shortly come to the end of Plantation Road (onto which you've exited) and will see a yellow and black arrow pointing two ways. Go right. This road will take you--in about a mile--to the clearly-marked trailhead.


  1. Interesting perspective, and I guess you're right if you limit the definition of "view" to something you can see from a distance. The views of the forest, draws, and hillsides gave me a sense of peace and solitude.

  2. Of course, I enjoyed the uphill trail as a change of pace from the mostly flat greenways elsewhere.

  3. Good point, Bill. Very good point.


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