Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo of the Day: Two Out of Two Ain't Bad

As a man who appreciates both a great bottom and a "woman of a certain age," I hit the jackpot at an event where I was shooting pictures this morning. This lovely form belongs to a woman with gray hair, a few lines and a pleasant face. Good for her. She's maintaining.


  1. Dan, I share your sickness, er, appreciation of butts. This is a very nice example, and I am going to pin it to my Pinterest board of butts.

  2. Personally, I wish more men would spend time maintaining, but maybe that's just me finding it harder to find attractive "men of a certain age" who have maintained anything to speak of.

  3. Jill: Having walked behind you on the Greenway a number of times, I can attest to the structural qualities of your own bottom.