Thursday, October 18, 2012

CityWorks (X)po Kicks Off in Downtown Roanoke

Conference founder Ed Walker speaks to the packed house.
The CityWorks (X)po was off to a resounding start earlier today at the Roanoke City Market building, where it packed the house again. CityWorks, Ed Walker's brainchild, which is run by a group of young "creatives," as Ed calls them, is three days of talking and listening about the challenges facing small cities.

CityWorks host Toni Blackman welcomes the crowd.
Ed pointed out in his introduction today that the conference is as much about learning from each other as it is absorbing what a distinguished group of speakers has to say. He has gathered an impressive group from throughout the country and today through Saturday will be spent in a variety of sessions where the students are as important as the teachers. You can pick up a schedule of events at


  1. Thanks for the shout out for CityWorks(x)po - an amazing event that pulls together quite a great bunch of participants. For those of us coming from out of town, it really allows Roanoke to shine!

  2. The entire conference was fast-paced with many high points. There was a very clear vision of how a small city like Roanoke can "up its game" in the new economy. If you like suburban sprawl, you probably did not enjoy the event as much as I did.

    If you did not get to attend, check out some of the videos on the web site (I think they are from last year, but 2012 videos may also appear soon!)