Friday, November 2, 2012

123,000 Minus 130,000 Equals What?

I got another of those tiresome, screaming political circulars in the mail today, this one saying "Barback Obama is putting Virginians on notice" and then ranting that "Over 130,000 more Virginia jobs lost" because of "his insistence on "massive defense cuts.'"

Let's get this straight: 130,000 military jobs will be lost in a state with five army bases, five navy and marine bases, one air force base and 10 coast guard facilities, totaling 123,686 personnel (according to American Forces News Service). He's going to lose nearly 6,500 more positions than Virginia has. This guy's even more impressive than I thought.

The party that can't do math wants to take over the budget.


  1. Obviously it's counting the future jobs we'd create there once we start bombing Iran.


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