Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Commercial Advertising on Roanoke's Greenway?

This sign appears to be strictly commercial and is on Wiley Drive.
This one appears to be sponsored by the City of Roanoke (on Wiley Drive).
This banner is from the City.
This instructional sign is acceptable.
This morning, on a walk along the Roanoke River Greenway at Wiley Drive and Wasena Park, I was greeted with a first: a commercial sign.

We've had signs and banners in the past, but they've been for events sponsored by the Greenway or one of the localities. This morning, there were a couple of those, as well as the permanent signs telling you about the ecology of the greenway and environs. I don't have much problem with those unless there are too many of them (as there are right now).

The problem was with the sign in the top photo, which appears to be advertising a commercial fitness studio. I, of all people, don't oppose advertising. I co-own a magazine, for heaven's sake. But there are proper places for ads and along the Greenway is not one of them. The fitness sign needs to be put somewhere else.


  1. Man, I can understand something that is non-commercial, temporarily promoting something related to the Greenway (fitness), but PLEASE, let's keep the commercial stuff completely out of it!How depressing it would be to see the Greenway become like a Freeway.

  2. Don't know what the situation in Roanoke is, but Salem staff has advised me that any signs (commercial, political) along the greenways (or other public ROW) are not authorized and may be removed as if they were litter.

  3. I like what Salem is doing. They are trash and should not destroy the beauty of the Greenway! In fact, if people continue to put them up they should be warned and then fined.

  4. The same restrictions apply in Roanoke, Mark, even to political campaign signs. I'm going to call the number on the sign and complain as a private citizen, not as a member of city council. Anyone care to join me?