Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another Dazzling Football Day at W&L (and a 4-Overtime Win)

Ex-Tennessee quarterback Nash Nance (6, right) completes an early pass against W&L.
The always-late-arriving crowd was packed in tight.
Leah and meah in our 50-yard-line seats.
Leah and meah shot up to Lexington this afternoon to catch an ODAC conference championship football game in one of my favorite settings: Washington & Lee University. We got more than we bargained for: a perfect day, big and enthusiastic crowd and a 45-42 W&L victory over Hampden Sydney in four overtimes.

It was a rare football game on a rare day. Good stuff and I think Leah's becoming a fan. She was talking "we" and "us" and "our ball" and she almost gave out a couple of those all-American yells she's capable of.

W&L gives you as good a show as you'd get anywhere and there's no admission. We stopped at a deli in downtown Lexington and bought a couple of sandwiches in order to avoid stadium food. Imagine trying to take in food anywhere else. It is just a delightful experience and even if you have a big family and little money, you can afford it.

Above is some of what we saw. (By the way, Hampden-Sydney's quarterback, Nash Nance, was at the University of Tennessee last year, a third-stringer but still a Division I scholarship player).

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