Monday, November 28, 2011

Poetic Justice: Alabama Slapped Down by Its Own Hand

It is all too rare in today's political climate that we get to smile, point a finger and say "I told you so!" with the kind of righteous indignation that Alabama is providing the entire country right now.

'Bama recently passed into law the most draconian emigration law in the land--and that's saying a lot when you look at some other states, like Arizona, and the laws on their books. This mean-spirited, xenophobic law created by insulated, racist and frightened people is on the way to killing Alabama's already paltry economy.

An editorial in the NYTimes this a.m. tells us that the work the 95,000 immigrants do in Alabama--work that is going undone these days--is not work real Americans want to do. Crops are dying in the field and Alabama farmers are bearing the brunt of the state's backward majority, a majority that we suppose will have to be content to eat imported food, since its own is still where it was grown.

The industrial recruitment people--those who help create jobs by luring factories of various kinds and investment from all over the board--are pulling their hair out, as well. This is a highly competitive field and when the people in St. Louis, for example, say, "Hey, guys, we'd love to have your Mercedes factory and we won't throw you in jail for having an accent," the Mercedes guys will listen.

Alabama is being seriously injured for its bigotry. It's not the first time that has happened. We hope that finally these morons will learn something and that this will be the last burp of this level of ignorance.


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