Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Drumbeat for the Drumstick Run (14,000 Strong)

FRONT Publisher Tom Field carries the drumstick torch to start the race.
ROTC gal carries the sign-age.
Awaiting the start.
Thanksgiving signs.
Another turkey (made of ties).
Another turkey.
And a yet another turkey (that looks like a pig).
Do we ride or walk?
Cheerleaders can always strike a pose.
One more turkey head.
Native American contingent.
Bagpipes. I hate bagpipes (and I have two Scottish clans).
Newspaper editor Michael Stowe and runner Karen Roberts Dillon.
Bullish on running (a Wall Street guy?).
Journalist Gene Marrano (who has lost a lot of weight running).
I love these costumes on the lead runners.
There's room for everybody in the Drumstick Dash.
South of the Border babes.
And they're off ...
Kids and dogs and runners and walkers and strollers and ...
Luxury dogs get carried and dressed.
Downtown back and forth runners and walkers.
Random musical act on the street.
This morning's Drumstick Dash for the benefit of the Roanoke Rescue Mission drew upwards of 14,000 runners, about 800 dogs, a whole lot of kids and a large number of people like me with cameras. It was a colorful festival of an event and the  beneficiary of all those entry fees could not be a better cause, especially on Thanksgiving when the RM gets a lot of attention for doing what it does every day: feeding the hungry and the dispossessed and abused.

Valley Business FRONT was one of the sponsors of the event and Publisher Tom Field actually kicked it off running with the torch (actually, Tom made a large drumstick and stuck a torch in its top).