Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photo of the Day: Know What You're Talking About

The first rule of advertising--I would hope--is to have some idea what you're talking about. The football player in this billboard on Williamson Road in Roanoke is obviously a receiver catching a pass (the "T"), not a defensive player making a tackle. Anybody who knows anything about football will laugh at the billboard, not an ideal situation for an ad agency to put Window World in.


  1. No, I think he's being tackled by the little guy you can't see in the picture who's got him by the ankle. Of course that will be pass interference because the receiver doesn't have the ball.

  2. It kind of reminds me of another football-themed ad that bugs me. It's a commercial for an electronics store where they refer to 300-pound linebackers. Linebackers aren't 300 pounds; they would have a hard time dropping into coverage if they were.