Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photo(s) of the Day: Talking to the Kids About a Career

Steph and I in front of the class.
Stephanie and her slide
Stephanie Klein-Davis, a photographer at a local daily in Roanoke, and I talked with students at Community High School about journalism (past, present and future ... if there is one) this morning.

It was an enjoyable class and we were treated to a video piece Steph did on a high school jazz ensemble that simply crackled. I asked if it was available on Netflix. It's not. But it should be. She's a marvelously talented photographer who thinks like a journalist.

Steph's video came as the result of a class assignment in a course she took. We were talking to the kids about how there are no dull stories, only dull writers and this video demonstrated the point about as well as anything I can imagine. Steph's assignment was to do a piece on a high school jazz band and this marvelous three-minute video emerged. I think the students got the point.

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