Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday on Monday Doesn't Count

The offending publication in the recycling bin where it belongs
Under the heading of "Can't They Get Anything Right?" comes this:

I don't get a daily newspaper, but the institution that produces one in Roanoke sends me this advertising wrap with a bunch of stuffed ads in it about once a week. Try as I might, I can't get it stopped. This morning, as I was taking it out of my mailbox, an ad for hhgregg fell out and I saw something that interested me.

I've wanted to move from Nikon to Canon as my base camera for years. Nikon's digital cameras (except for the very expensive ones) aren't much good--especially in low light--and Canon is. But I have all these Nikon lenses, which are expensive, and buying a Canon would mean not only buying a body, but buying all the lenses I need, too. So I see this ad for a decent level Canon SLR with a couple of good Canon lenses for $599. That's a killer price, so I immediately run over to hhgregg, lay down the ad and say, "I want this." Kid says, "I don't think we have this in stock as a package because of all the selling we did on Black Friday, but I'll try to put it together for you from the components." He did that and rang it up.

Came up at nearly $900 and the kid went and got the manager who informed me that the ad was for Black Friday only. "I just got it in the mail a few minutes ago," I said. And he said, "I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do."

So, not only do we get the normal complaints about the daily to process, but now it seems these lovely people can't even get their ad inserts--the ones I've been trying to get rid of--to me in a timely fashion ... before the sale ends.

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