Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The SPAM Returns

I really thought I'd shaken this SPAM thing. When I bought a new computer (a Dell, don't make my mistake; it's a real turkey, second Dell bomb in a row) a year ago, I thought, "I'm starting over and I will not do anything to invite SPAM in." And I didn't.

Until last week when I filled out an "application" for a free flash drive in order to open that little page-turning device we have at our FRONT Web site ( I couldn't get the driver we offer on the site to install correctly (my techno guru tells me my search engine--Foxfire--was being a Jewish mother and protecting me by blocking the download), so I went searching for a free alternative.

Boy, did I ever find one: it was at the Adobe site and it said "free download." That meant I had to fill out some things, beginning with my e-mail address and from that minute on I was doomed. The junk mail started almost as soon as I backed out of the site (I saw what was happening and tried to un-do the damage; can't do it). Now, I'm getting probably 200 SPAMs a day and no matter how many I kill and report, they get replaced. Really pisses me off.

My tech guru says my most recent disaster in murdering my hard drive (a problem with these dang Dells) was an infected flash stick and she gave me something akin to an anti-poison pill (download, and run it every time you use a flash drive). But that was after the fact.

Computers. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Or was that women? I forget.

* You're wondering about the photo? No real significance. Sort of shows how I showed my ass in this one, but beyond that, I guess it got your attention, huh?

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  1. We had a problem here that my son finally linked to a flash or Adobe upgrade that he thought was legitimate. Turned out to be some sort of Trojan thing. The only way he got rid of all the grief was to do a system restore from the day before he downloaded it. Technology, ugh! I miss my Selectric typewriter ;)