Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bush's Best?!?

The New York Times, three days from the election that will replace the worst occupant of the White House in the history of the Republic (I still can't call that demented son of privilege "president"), is giving six noted people an opportunity to say something good about the guy who's moving out in January. It's a stretch, but I'll take the opportunity to join them.

George Bush owns great suits (unlike Sarah Palin, who's only borrowing her clothes) and he looks good in them. OK, you say, but what's an empty suit--even a wonderfully made suit from the finest wool available--in the scheme of things? Probably not much, but we've dealt with frumpies in the White House for far too long--Clinton, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson--and Bush sets a nice standard here, one Obama will follow.

I was trying to find out what brand Bush prefers and Googled "Bush's clothes." I came up with many, many references, all leaning toward "the emperor's clothes." So, I tried "Bush's tailor" and got all those stories about the communications device hidden in his suit during the debate with John Kerry.

I did, however, finally discover that the Bush family's favorite tailor (and that of a lot of famous Americans) is in Thailand and is owned by a couple of Sikhs, Jesse and Victory Gulati (pictured). Their shop is Rajawongse Clothier ( You, too can be like--or at least dress like--George W. Bush simply by ordering some nice Egyptian cotton shirts from these boys. Happy shopping.

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