Saturday, November 8, 2008

Perriello-Goode on Slate

There's a marvelous story on Slate magazine's Web site covering the Goode-Perriello 5th District race this a.m., chock full of lines like this (about Perriello): "When Democrats talk about him, cartoon birds sing and cartoon butterflies play small cartoon harps." And this (about Goode): "Goode being the congressman whose re-election campaign was predicated on insulting immigrants, Muslims, the mentally ill, homosexuals, teenagers, Northerners, and, eventually, pretty much everyone, in as many different ways as possible. In August, polls showed Perriello running 30 points behind Goode, who, right up until the night before the election, refused to learn how to pronounce his opponent's name."

It's a must read:

By the way, you might want to track to this blog's Oct. 31 post and see who the genius was who forecast Perriello's victory five days before the election. (Hint: It was me.)

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