Friday, November 7, 2008

The Changing Landscape for Business

We're here at the Energy Expo at the Roanoke Civic Center and as I look around, what I see is a lot of businesses who get it. Pictured here are Rob Clark of MKB Realtors (left) and Pete Krull of Krull and Company socially responsible investing, a couple of businesses that, in the past, might have been on the other side of the environment, calling environmentalists "wack-o."

But Rob has earned his "EcoBroker" designation, which is new (his colleague Bill Dandridge was the first in the region to earn it), and Pete started his busines, after leaving Merrill Lynch, because he wasn't comfortable with investments in companies who were not friendly to the environment or the inhabitants of the Earth. I see that over at Breakell Inc., which has become the region's best-known environmental construction company, even though it is nowhere near alone. My friends Vickie Damico and Nell Boyle are standing at their booth, smiling and pulling people in with their environmental enthusiasm.

The enthusiasm permeates this place because we have a lot of people who believe in what they're doing. It shows.

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