Monday, November 17, 2008

Moving In

Today's Day 1 at 28 Kirk Ave. in Roanoke for Valley Business FRONT. I spent a good portion of the last part of last week hanging pictures, moving furniture and plants, buying rugs and cleaning supplies and a coffee pot and this a.m., I meet my computer guru Alicia Nash to get the technology online. That's the kickoff.

Here's what my lobby-office looks like. I selected the front of the building instead of one of the small back offices, removed from public view, on purpose. That's where stories live; walk-ins are full of ideas and they don't hesitate to interrupt a writer in progress. "You're not busy, are you?" they'll ask and state at the same time, as I'm deep in thought, hands on the keyboard, research notes piled up around me. "Oh, no," I'll reply, "I'm just thinking."

Anyhow, here it is. Stop by. Interrupt. But have a good story for me.

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