Friday, November 21, 2008

A Few Lessons for Everybody

The room full of healthcare professionals was eating out of my brother's hand this morning when it occurred to me that he'd been born to do what he was doing. Sandy was talking about change, something these hardy souls know a good deal about, having experienced a lot of it in the past two or three years.

The largest health group in this end of Virginia has changed its model, changed its computer system, changed vendors and goals and even intent. So, these people knew what Sandy was talking about. And still, they howled at his jokes, nodded at his poignancy, turned and looked at each other on every right cue. As he said at the top, "I'm not going to tell you anything you don't know. But I will remind you of a lot you know, but might have forgotten temporarily."

There it was, laid out: a plan, a solution, a goal. Stress relief. Tolerance. Determination. Toughness. All of it together for these managers who need it now more than ever.

My friend Nancy Agee, an upper-level executive at the hospital group, invited Sandy site unseen because I assured her he was good. I was feeling self-satisfied at about 11:50 this morning, a few minutes before the break for lunch. I didn't see anybody squirming, ready to plough into that boxed lunch sitting in the lobby. They were intent, listening hard, waiting for one more good line, one more funny visual, one more piece of wisdom.

Later Sandy said, "These people are so professional, their dress, their manner, everything about them. I get a lot of groups of managers [in his seminars and workshops,] who don't even pretend to be at the level of these Carilion managers. I was impressed with them."

So it was mutual. I suspect they both came away with something valuable.

And, yes, I got to spend pieces of a couple of days with the brother I don't see enough talking about important things and not so important things. Nice trade.

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