Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Festive Election

Two trips by the polling station on this historic election morning sent me to one conclusion: the mood is festive and that means the Bush nightmare is probably over. I went by Patrick Henry High School, where voting is held in the gym, at about 7:15 a.m. and there were probably 100-120 people in line, so I went to the park and walked for an hour. By 8:15, the line was much more modest, but the people in line were still smiling, talking and enthusiastic. My guess is that McCain voters aren't all that enthusiastic, judging from the mood of the campaign.

A light rain was falling and the only partisan workers outside were my friend Bobbi Hoffman and a young architect from Maryland, helping her hand out literature and post-voting Obama stickers. I asked why she'd come all the way down here to work the polls and she said, "Maryland's solidly Democratic and you need me." She smiled broadly. My wife had done some canvassing with another woman from Maryland last week.

Those of us who want desperately to end the Republican screw-ups are biting our nails today, but my suspicion is that we don't need to. I'm thinking "landslide."

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