Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The idea that I was eventually going to have to re-finish my memoir, Burning the Furniture, has been hanging around my head for some months now, but it wasn't time before now and, frankly, I may still be a little early with this. Finishing your life is a dicey proposition when you're not ready to stop living it.

But I felt like I could start the epilogue and tonight I did. Wrote 2,000 words about leaving the Blue Ride Business Journal, covering the last months there and the reasons it all fell apart after 20 years--mostly a bunch of people who don't appear to be the sharpest pencils in the box. It was an easy write and will be an easy re-write, filling in details.

The next segment on starting Valley Business FRONT will also be relatively easy to write because it's so fresh but there is a lot of detail to recall. I kept quite a few e-mails and notes about what was going on as the gig with the Journal ended and we got started on the new one and that will be helpful to a mind that sometimes doesn't wrap around things as tightly as it once did.

As has been my habit in writing about myself, it's pretty blunt. I generally wind up softening the blows on the bad guys, but I think I've tempered it already and even made some of these lovelies comic book characters.

This is going to be a fun project and I suspect I can finish in a few weeks. Then, maybe, I can start on that novel/memoir/I don't know which yet about the Cranberry High School square dance team of 1966 and if you think it sounds dull, you just wait. Trash talkin' square dancers in your face, baby!

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