Sunday, November 3, 2013

The 'Skins Need To Get the Hat Right

The Washington Redskins are wearing an updated version of a uniform that is basically 80 years old in today's game against San Diego.

They are not wearing the leather-looking helmet today that they wore with last year's throwback version. That would have been more appropriate, but instead, they're wearing the burgundy hat with the current logo on it.

I would like to propose the shirt and pants as a permanent uni with this helmet, from 1961, as the new headgear.

I love the colors, especially the faux khaki pants. The helmet has a feather running along the top and if the 'Skins keep their nickname or even change it to something a little more palatable (the Red Clouds, after the famous chief), the hat would be great.

This would constitute the best looking uniform in sports (something the 'Skins had in 1961).

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