Saturday, November 2, 2013

Photo Essay: Climbing the Ridge on a Gorgeous Day

Maddie and Leah on top of the ridge overlooking Carvins Cove.
The reds and yellows were beautiful.
I don't know what these are, but they're lovely.
Maddie finds a comfy log.
Posing in front of the rocks at the top of the hike.
Leah looking pretty.
Mads loves the rocks.
Maddie and Pampa walking along the ridge.
The view of Carvins Cove is breathtaking.
Looking back toward Roanoke from the return trip.
Maddie finds a comfy log.
The wind and the color on top were both brisk.
Maddie, Leah and I took advantage of one of those lovely Indian Summer days to climb the ridge on the mountain overlooking Carvins Cove. Maddie had to promise--pinky promise--that she'd do the whole hike and she came through like a champ.

Here's what some of it looked like.

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