Monday, November 18, 2013

Massive Moon Shot and Much More

This whole post is in, I think, Russian, so I can't give you the particulars on it. But if you are a fan of the naked body, you'll dig it. You'll also see what overkill does to any suggestion of sexuality (no erections here, boys and girls, so put away the magnifying glass).

Obviously--maybe "apparently"--the photographer's intention is to cast a new vision of the human body by using it en masse in this series of photographs. Interesting. Very interesting.


  1. I'm not quite at Dan Smith level, but I do have an above average interest in photography. As soon as I saw the photo I thought it must be a Spencer Tunick piece and sure enough it is. He's been doing this for a while and at least one decent documentary came out about him.

    A better documentary is the one about James Nachtwey entitled "War Photographer". I think it'd appeal to you more.