Friday, November 29, 2013

Photo Essay: Some Thanksgiving Magic at the Homeplace

Me and my kids, Evan and Jennie Thanksgiving Day in Asheville.
Jennie, the grands and me.
Love visiting family. My grandkids had not met most of my brothers' and sisters' families and now they have met more of them. Funny how everybody just settled in naturally--including Oz, who doesn't do that easily (at 2).

Maddie, of cours, idolizes her Aunt Jennie and it was hard to pry her away, but Oz fell in love with his second cousin Paula (my brother's daughter) and the hung together a good bit.

Here's some of what I saw yesterday, today and maybe later. We even went downtown (see previous post) for a bit. Asheville's a good place.

Girlfriends: Jennie and Madeline.
Brother Sandy, sister-in-law Jackie, and Paula with Oz.
Children and grandchildren.
With my brothers Sandy and Paul. Paul and I coordinated our wardrobes. Sandy didn't get the memo.
Paul and Paula with stripped turkey.
Paula, sister Becky with Paul and Sandy.
I love this shot of Jennie and Maddie.
My adorable daughter. This sums her up.
And this sums the bunch of us up. Oz. Oz! Dang it, Oz, look at the camera!


  1. First time I have been aware of your blog. Looks like there are many interesting things to read here and look forward to coming back. I really enjoyed your Thanksgiving pictures of family, I miss that, and envy you for having such a nice fine family gathering...Do you take articles for submission? Don't know what the profile means so will just click one to submit...E. Duane Howard

  2. No, I do not accept articles for submission. This is a blog and if I have a guest blogger, I invite that person. That rarely happens.