Friday, November 1, 2013

Pampa and the Pampettes: Scaring Hell Out of Everybody

Pampa and the Pampettes on a Halloween stroll.
Oz still in his civilian clothes (wearing the family crest on his shirt).
Kara prepares Maddie for the ball at Monster High.
Maddie checks her Skelita Calaveras makeup (that's the character).
Skelita all made up and ready to scare hell out of you.
Skelita full length.
Mr. Woopie Cushion, Casey Jones and their pumpkin buddies.
Kara and Maddie pose while Evan hands out the candy.
Evan with the unruly Pampettes.
Here's Halloween at the Smith ranch in Old Southwest.
It was a doozie of a Halloween last night at my son's house where Kara worked her Hollywood-level makeup magic to create Skelita of Monster High and little Oz got into full choo-choo costume.

Kara, my daughter-in-law, is magic with makeup and Madeline is a natural for the stage. Oz, who seems to be in one kind of costume or another almost all the time, swapped his everyday Superman (I've explained that the "S" logo is our family crest, but I don't think he gets it yet) cape for an engineer's cap and stripes.

Pampa came as a Whoopie Cushion and the kids kept punching my belly to hear me make that funny noise. Here are some photos from last night. I love Halloween.

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