Monday, November 11, 2013

GOP Diddles with Va. AG Totals; Difference Is 17 Votes

Mark Herring (left), Mark Obenchain are still arguing.
The Republican Party, which has somehow (and I don't understand it) managed to change the rules under which the recount in Fairfax County is being conducted--to its advantage, of course--is beyond my comprehension.

These guys spend their waking hours looking for loopholes instead of playing by the rules. They are most comfortable being a minority party that simply plays a game of sticking the gears of government. They simply can't govern, can't win elections fairly, have no concept of what fair is. It does not bother them one bit to win elections by manipulating the electorate, rather than convincing sufficient numbers to vote for them. It's the message and they will never understand that.

The official score this morning, according to the State Board of Elections (updated hourly when they're counting), has Mark Obenchain (the Republican) ahead of Mark Herring by 17 votes after leading by as many as 1,200 last week before the recount began. The score right now is 1,103,443 to 1,103,426 and if the final count is less than half a percent difference, the state will pay for a recount. If it's less than 1 percent, a candidate can pay for a recount.

More than 3,000 provisional ballots (those voters who were allowed to vote, though there were questions about their eligibility) remain uncounted, but must be tabulated by Tuesday. These are where the problem and the rules change come into play. Republicans have been trying for some time to diminish the numbers of people voting in Virginia's elections by requiring IDs that are not that easy to get for some--and the "some" are almost all Dems. A good guess is that the wide bulk of the provisional ballots are votes for Democrats, given the nature of the beast, but the Repubs want yet another step in the verification process--something like showing up and saying "I cast that ballot."

Stay tuned. My guess is we're headed for a recount where the rules will become even murkier and messier. 


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