Saturday, November 23, 2013

Photos: Inside the Grandin Christmas Parade

Marco the Pug was having a grand time at the Grandin Parade.
Here's the guy they all came to see.
Santa gets his photo taken.
Maddie and Maggie, Viking maidens.
Kazim Clowns love having their picture taken.
Sam Rasoul and his political contingent. Nice hat, Sam.
Hey, where's the doughnut shop?
Steve Stanley, steam pumper.
Mysticon transformer cop.
Nevaeh Dade is 5 and happy.
My pals Bill and Juanita Tanger.
Biker gang.
Biker gang, too.
Bev Fitzpatrick's antique bus.
Mom and the kids.
Twins Erin and Devon Tanner, 20 ...
... and twins Aiden and Jake Glover, 26 months.
My pals Dan Crawford and Mary Bishop with their dog.
Best buds Brenda and Heather McDaniel.
Pretty family: Keri, Jason, Dez Garnett.
One little, two little, four little Indians.
One little snoozing Indian.
I want a banana split. You?
Danielle Foutz, 15, and Scarlett.
Dierdra Martin with her alpaca.
Riding, marching band.
Polly Branch and Pete Johnson of Plowshare Peace Center.
Vikings lift Kelly Nipper.
Sisters Arianna and McKenzie Marsh.
Color photo on steroids.
We got hats and we got hair here.
Bringing up the rear in the Grandin Christmas Parade, 2013.
The Grandin Christmas Parade kicks off the season every year with pure Americana: kids and dogs and bands and paramilitary marchers and scouts and moms and tubas and clowns and lots of color. I love it and here is a look at today's version.

Maddie hands her brother, Oz, some candy (me on right).

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