Monday, November 18, 2013

Photos: Back on the Football Field

Leah takes photo of little girls on the sideline.
Pampa the editr at the Canon.
Leah and I availed ourselves of a state championship football game Friday--North Cross of Roanoke vs. Virginia Episcopal School, where she works--and it was as much fun as I remember.

I was a sports writer for a number of years and was generally on one football field or another this time of the year on Saturdays. For the longest time, I didn't miss sports at all because they'd become stale. But the enthusiasm is back.

Saturday, I took my trusty Canons and shot more than 400 photos. I've just finished putting together a 40-page, hardback photobook that I'll make available to those at VES who are interested. It's pretty dang good, if I may be immodest.

Technology in printing has almost raced past our understanding of it. Composing a book like this in past years would have been a major undertaking and a huge expense. These books--without any discounts--will cost about $55 each and anybody who has a camera that shoots high resolution photos (and most of you have cell phones that will do that) has the technology. The templates on a site like give you the step-by-step instructions or will simply lay out the book for you if you'll pick a template you like.

It's an amazing age for communications.

This is my favorite shot from Saturday, with a player talking to the team and headmaster Tommy Battle (right) reacting.

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  1. my youngest 2 play football and i easily take 400 pics per game! i like that shot a lot too!