Friday, October 10, 2014

Sonya's Photographic Adventures

Sonya climbed this fence to take a pix of the house. The lady approaching wondered, I think.
Sonya at Edinburgh Castle.
My traveling buddy Sonya Chappelear is the daughter of a professional photographer and she's in a constant dither taking photos, regardless of where we are.

She photos sites, menus, clothing tags, curb and gutter, people, vehicles, spires, clocks ... the whole deal.

Today, we ventured into Old Town Edinburgh, the pretty part (if you strip out the tourist ticky-tack, which makes it look more like Gatlinburg at times). Her iPhone was at the ready. She even bought a four-lens packet for it before we left Dublin yesterday.

Anyhow, she was climbing fences, stooping, sneaking around, doing the whole deal. Look for her Facebook posts. They're there. She even shot some photos of me. And, of course, I shot some of her.
Sonya loves monuments.
This, of course, is my glamor shot of Sonya.

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  1. My ancestors are Scottish...MacDougall's! :D Enjoy your journey