Friday, October 31, 2014

A Full House for the Return of Artemis

In the audience: Poet Mary Hill, writers Sharon Rapoport and Linda Webb.
Hollins legend Jeanne Larsen.
The revival last night of the Artemis series, based on a publication that is back from the dead, drew a full house of enthusiastic poets and poetry lovers. I'm not a poetry guy, but I can appreciate passion and the room was full of it.

There were readings by 11 poets, all local, and the response was enthusiastic and warm. I was especially taken by a fresh, affecting English teacher from Emory & Henry College named Felicia Mitchell. So taken, in fact, that I asked her to teach a class in poetry at the 2016 Roanoke Regional Writers Conference. She agreed and I think she'll be a hit. Felicia, let me add, is funny, not something I generally associate with poetry.

The new edition of Artemis magazine is out and there are only about 40 copies left. I'm not sure where you can get them, but my guess is that a call to the Hollins English Department will help.

Judy Ayyildez reads from her work.
Felicia Mitchell awaits her turn.
A full house greeted the reading of the poetry.

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  1. If you have a copy look for a photo I contributed. Its of a black bear.