Friday, October 3, 2014

Gratitude: Great Faces

Today, I am grateful for great faces, like that of Keith Ferrell. I shot this photo Tuesday evening at the Kindig Awards, for which Keith was a nominee. He is a noted writer at an international level and lives in Franklin County.

It shows some of his intensity (the eyes), his age and the wisdom that comes with it (the spots), his intelligence (his mouth making a point) and hints at a sense of humor that slides right by people not smart enough to catch it. Keith is one of the good guys, a generous mentor, a man of deep insight who does not hesitate to share it, and a good and dear friend.

Keith's is the kind of face that keeps me shooting people with the Canon and the Nikon and even, upon occasion, the little point-and-shoot or even my phone. Capturing the best of people in still photographs is a challenge and a joy in equal parts.

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