Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gratitude: A Bunch of Things

Today, I am grateful for:

When I have a cold, it's difficult to find much to be grateful for, but I believe that is the time I most need to practice gratitude. So let me do this:

I'm grateful I get to see my darling grandgirl Madeline (and her family) in less than a week.
I am grateful that my cold is better.
I am grateful to be out of big cities and in lovely rural country.
I am grateful for the rich and natural welcome the French, Dutch, Scottish and Irish have given us. I am certain the Spanish will be their equal over the weekend.
I am grateful we are traveling by car for a while. I like the idea of mass transit. The delivery is not quite as invigorating.
I am especially grateful to be losing weight and not to be hungry. I'm having to force myself to eat. I hope that continues. I'd love to weigh 175 again.
I am grateful for this elegant old French home we are staying in. We move across the way in a couple of days to occupy one of the other buildings. It's pretty, too.
I'm grateful the goats here like me. I thought maybe the old black alpha male would whack me with his four-foot horns, but he's an old sweetie.

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