Thursday, October 16, 2014

One Final Look at the City of Light

It was an overcast and gray day in the City of Light today, but what we saw in downtown Paris was anything but dull. It is, indeed, a lovely city, one of a kind and its charm and allure are undeniable.

My first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower was almost breath-taking, although I have seen it thousands of times in photos and film. The real deal is, as Sissy Spcaek once said of Loretta Lynn ,"Real real."

Our day revolved around seeing rather than doing--although getting around is a pretty good case of "doing." We had a couple of requests from friends to take photos of "a perfume factory" and "a used bookstore," which I did, and to "bring me back some Paris dirt," which I gathered at a huge garden in downtown. My pals should be happy. I also picked up goodies at both Chanel and the Shakespeare Bookstore for the writer of the two.

We ate a wondrous late lunch at a small bistro across from Notre Dame (I never could find the football stadium) and I don't believe I've ever had a quiche that was in this league (salmon). I also had my first French croissant. It was out of this world.

Don't have much time to write tonight because we have to get ready for the trip to the South tomorrow. Here are some photos of the sights, sounds and faces of Paris today, including one from a wondrous food market on the street we ran into accidentally on the way home. Enjoy.
The Eiffel Tower stands watch over the City of Light.
Pampa at Chanel, Mecca to many women.
Shakespeare Bookstore across from Notre Dame.
Pampa does a book-look.
Paris cops are everywhere.
Sonya walks through the outdoor market which was noisy, colorful and wondrous.
Boats on the Seine.
Pampa eats his first croissant
Smoking girls near the Seine.
Sonya in Chanel showroom. This place is the essence of glamor.
Shoes for the rich.
Mom helps a little girl.
Style of the street.
Chanel shopper scores.
Even the fences are special in Paris.
Motorcycles are everywhere.
Eiffel from the Plaza.
Another exotic vehicle.
Lovers beside the Seine.
This Californian said she was trying to blend in, so nobody would suspect she was a tourist. She did well.
Street merchant in downtown Paris.
Tourists trying to find their way.
Downtown lunch.
I love this old man's look.
Sweeping out the street near a cafe.
Portraiture downtown.
Waiting for the light to change.
Old lady driving fast.
Guess where she's from?
Bet you didn't know I love redheads.
One last homage to Paris.

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