Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Day of Solemn Recovery

This is part of the compound we're staying in. It's two doors down. Beautiful?
Yep. Even in France.
I took the day off yesterday. Like OFF. I slept a good portion of it, but did wind up walking for about an hour and a half and getting a few photos, all on the farm here.

Sonya drove about 30 minutes or so and found a narrow path up the back side of a mountain that overlooks a huge, sprawling, ancient castle. I was impressed she did the very difficult climb over a narrow trail (all roads in France seem narrow to me, even the footpaths). She was energized enough to cook a good dinner for us last night of salmon, pasta and grilled veggies. It was the first food I had eaten--save for half an orange and a banana--in two days.

You know, I've taken something like five major trips in my life and come down with a nasty cold halfway through three of them. I don't know what it is unless my body simply doesn't like being away from its natural comfort zone. In the future, I will limit my trips--providing I have enough money after France to take any--to a week. Not a minute more. That's enough for me.

We're going to venture out today to see what we can stir up. This place is simply covered with castles and small villages that are quite lovely. The country French people are as lovely as their surroundings, as well. I'm finding that I truly like Europeans because they seem to have a firm grip on what life means. I have no clue, but I like to watch them.

After about 10 days on the road, Leah Weiss asked me if I was homesick yet. "No," I said. I've discovered that comes on the 14th day for me.

Here's some of what I saw yesterday.
The grape fields are going into their fall color mode.
Individually the grape leaves look like this.
These sprigs held grapes.
When I was young, I built rock walls like this. Now I just admire them. It's easier.

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