Friday, October 31, 2014

Gratitude: The World Working as It Should

Today I am grateful for: The simple fact that the world works the way it is supposed to, not necessarily the way I would choose for it to operate.

I was having lunch with my pal Linda Webb at Norah's at the Taubman yesterday when I ran into a young waitress/student I've been following closely for some months. Alexandra, when I first met her, was trying to transfer from Roanoke College to Hollins and was having a great deal of difficulty getting her transcripts. Seems there was a particular dean who was simply unwilling to cooperate (ultimately, says Alex, he explained that "you are no longer my student, so I have no responsibility for you").

I called my friend and Hollins President Nancy Gray, who gave some good advice and did what she could, but ultimately, the cranky dean stood in the way of Alex getting to Hollins from all I understand.

During the most difficult part of this period, Alex ran into an old family friend who is an official at the University of Miami. Alex told her story and the family friend said, "Well, why don't you just come on down to Miami? We'll get you in." Promise kept. Alex will major in political science and law. She smiles now. "It couldn't have worked out better."

But for a time, there appeared to be nothing but hopelessness. I'm tickled for Alex, sad for Hollins because they would have complemented each other and truly sad for Roanoke College, an institution I have known and respected for many years. This is not a good thing to allow.

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