Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Looking at Paris My Way

Paris today in the rain. This is exactly what it looks like.
No comment needed.
Today's trip to the Musee d'Orsay (the Big M'O, according to the French) was almost uneventful--certainly when compared to recent adventures--but we did, indeed, have a problem figuring out how to buy our subway tickets. Sonya and I nearly came to blows, but a kindly African-Parisian came to the rescue. Sometimes the people in this city and the other cities we visited have delighted me with their kindness.

I fell in love with this kid.
Anyhow, the museum was a real highlight, playing to my interest in the works and lives of the impressionists and post-impressionists. Of course, we weren't allowed to shoot any of the works inside, but it's the streets of Paris that interest me in any case. Here are some of the shots I took today.

I was impressed at the number of college classes that were being held inside. Lots of intimate discussion going on over some famous works.

The Seine has been an interest of mine since I was a kid watching Film Noir. I took off for a walk down its banks while Sonya visited the museum shops and I found what I wanted: rain, lovers, atmosphere, Paris.
Look close. I'm under the waiter's arm.
There's a lot of graffiti and it's generally gorgeous.
Animated Parisian woman in front of the color.
This sad woman was panhandling.
Merchant on the walkway along the Seine River.
Sonya loves this cat.
Plumber's butt with Speedo tan.
Paris can be extremely colorful.
I will refrain from comment.
More Paris, more rain, more beauty.
The bistros get busy, even in the rain.
The editor at lunch in a palace. Really.
Sonya outside the Big M'O.
Lunch was in this room. Sigh.
Pampa meets the River Seine.
Inside the Museum d'Orsay, there is  place to collapse. It is often needed.
Lovers walking along the river Seine. Ahhhhhhhh. 
I like this shot a lot. It feels like the Paris I saw today.
Inside the sculpture hall at the Musee d'Orsay.
Tour boats tie up here.
Bike rental is big and convenient in Paris (where biking is a risk).
Two views: The homeless reality of a modern big city against the Louvre.
The mosaic of bridges down the Seine.


  1. You can buy a ten-pack of Metro tickets in a unit called a carnet (carnay). Ask at the office in the metro station. Check out notre dame if you have time; also the tapestry of The lady and the unicorn (la dame a lĂ­corn), in the Cluny. It's possible to get a nice hot meal in the Louvre cafeteria; you can get there without going through the pyramid entrance (or outside if it's raining) by getting off at the Metro for the louvre (or rue rivoli -- I can't remember which stop at the moment) and exit through the passage way marked "carrousel"-- this will get you the underground shops leading to the louvre. Am enjoying your photos.