Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sam Rasoul: A Reason To Be Proud

Sam Rasoul
So Sam Rasoul is our delegate now, the only Democrat in the Virginia House west of Charlottesville. He won 70 percent of the vote in the face of deep-pocked money pouring in from a single source for his opponent and despite a last-minute drive by Republicans to paint his support as coming from Al Qaeda, which is, of course, absurd, xenophobic and desperate. And typically low-end Republican.

Sam ran the kind of campaign you'd expect from him: honest, open, fair and without a hint of impropriety. I think we will be proud to have him in Richmond, even in the role of tiny minority. Minorities have a tendency to grow and eventually overtake smug, fat and corrupt majorities.

Congratulations to Sam for his win. We finally have a House member from this region we can be proud of again. It's been a long drought.

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