Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hey Pampa, What's for Supper? Roasted Roma Tomatoes

I had roasted Roma tomatoes at my friend Teresa Sakasagawa's house the other night and thought I'd give them a shot because they were so good I nearly cried. Here's my effort (in my new-to-me Kitchen Craft professional baking pan, bought at GWLtd for $3.95 Thursday).

Teresa's explanation of how they're made:

"Wash and thoroughly dry the tomatoes, and cut them in half. Place them cut side up on a jelly roll pan (with a 1 inch lip).

"Coarsely chop 5 or 6 large cloves of garlic (or more) and sprinkle over the tomatoes, so each half has a little on it. Sprinkle with sea salt. Place in a 250 degree oven for an hour or two, then reduce heat to 180 and leave overnight (8 hours).

"The tomatoes should be shriveled but still juicy, and a little caramelized around the edges. (If the tomatoes are small, you might want to put them in for fewer than 8 hours. They can dry out too much.) Store in container in the refrigerator with the oil for up to two weeks. Good on everything!"

I picked up some rye bread ends at the New Yorker deli yesterday and cut them into quarters, sprinkled them with sea salt, olive oil, garlic powder and parmesean and baked them for a couple of hours at 250 to dry them out. The tomatoes rest wonderfully on top of the bread.


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