Sunday, January 5, 2014

How To Help the Cold and Homeless in Roanoke

Those of you wanting to help the homeless and the poor during this especially bitter cold snap can do so by dropping off items at a number of spots around the Roanoke Valley, some with religious affiliations, some governmental and others simply there to help.

The base of operations is the Roanoke Homeless Assistance Team, which you can reach by calling 2-1-1. It will direct you to a number of alternatives. Here are some of those alternatives (with an asterisk by my favorites):

* RAM House on Campbell Ave. downtown, 343-3753. This is a shelter and a center where the poor go looking for day work. I've hired people from there on a number of occasions and always found good workers.

* Samaratin Inn on Salem Ave. downtown is a day shelter that feeds the homeless and will take your clothing, blankets, socks, shoes, etc. and distribute them where needed. 343-1447.

* Still Standing Ministries us a day shelter for women with a clothes closet. It's at 1729 Patterson Ave. in downtown Roanoke and the phone number is 339-9574.

* Trust House is an overnight shelter and has services for the homeless, the mentally ill and the poor. 344-8060.

The Roanoke Rescue Mission Ministries is likely overwhelmed at this point, but it has the most comprehensive food/shelter/clothing services for the homeless, poor and abused in the region. 343-7227.

Family Promise of Greater Roanoke in Salem offers services for the homeless. 444-7374.

Salvation Army in Roanoke offers services for homeless men. 853-1163.

You can also find out some information from Roanoke City Government Services, 853-1163. Remember that Roanoke City has a far larger poor and homeless population than any other place in this region.

Gather up your stuff and go help. It'll be colder than a welldigger's ass tonight in Roanoke and these poor people need you. Be there for them. You can make a difference in somebody's life today.


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