Sunday, January 12, 2014

Interviewed by a Master of the Trade

Rachael Garrity and me at Panera Bread earlier today.
Rach poses a question.
A good interviewer can take the person on the other end of her question to places he often avoids and find truth that is rare. I was interviewed about my new book CLOG! by a good interviewer today, my friend and colleague Rachael Garrity, who is also one of the best writers I've ever known.

Rach has written for magazines I've edited in the past and I always loved getting her intelligent, perceptive and beautifully-written pieces. Now I know where they come from.

Rach is patient without being dull, conversational without taking over, probing without intruding, witty, intuitive and very experienced. It all works well to make the subject (me) comfortable, open and ready to reveal stuff we haven't even talked about even to ourselves. It's a marvelous experience.

I'll put a link to the piece Rach writes when she finishes. Bet we both enjoy it. She will because that's who she is.

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