Monday, January 27, 2014

A Quick Look at Tonight's Liminal Readings

Kevin Kittredge reads from his novel.
Diana Christopulos reads a poem.
Carole Tarrant and Shanna Flowers read together.
Olchar E. Lindsann emits.
Maurice Ferguson, Darlene Fedele perform a skit.
Amber Herron's skit was a popular--if a bit blue--one.
Mike Allen reads Dwayne Yancey's play-ette.
Allison Cole read nice poetry.
Greg Trafidlo's music is always a highlight.
It was a good-sized crowd that turned out tonight to hear and participate in the monthly Liminal readings at Community High School. The readings ran through the genres: fiction, essay, children's lit and musci, poetry, teen angst, and folk music.
Pot-bellied Editr reads "South Carolina Snow."

These are always popular. The theme tonight was winter weather and only young Ambre Herron, a senior at Community High who admits, "I don't have many hobbies, but I am forcing myself to try new things." She began by telling us she thought she might vomit from fright, then launched into a funny--if risque--routine that was thoroughly entertaining and fresn. Keep at it Ambre.
I read a piece called "South Carolina Snow" from my memoir Burning the Furniture.

Next week (Monday) there will be another Liminal with the theme of "found writing." That means you'll read pieces that started out as one thing, then became another, says Cara Modisett, who comes up with this stuff.

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