Thursday, January 9, 2014

Photo of the Day: Grizzled Old Editor

My friend Anne Sampson shot this far-too-revealing-if-you-have-any-vanity-left photo of your favorite editr last night at the launch party at Hollins for CLOG! Frankly, ugly as I am, I like it. Nothing beats truth like truth.

I like Anne's work a lot, more as I see more of it. This past Christmas season, she had something that bordered on a fetish for extreme closeups of Christmas decorations and paraphernalia. She had some fascinating shots whose subjects were not immediately obvious. You had to guess.

Last night we had dinner after the launch at the Veranda Bistro in Hollins and sat by the fireplace, which had Christmas decorations all over it. Anne went out to the car, brought in her Canon and started shooting. Never one to miss an op.

That's where we get good photogs.

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  1. This was posted on the Facebook reference to this blog and gives you an indication why I adore Anne Sampson:

    Dan, you're awful hard on yourself. I shot this one because I liked it. In it I see your self-deprecating humor, your delight in the people around you at the book launch, and a guy who has earned his stripes in the field. It's a portrait of experience and contentment. Anne Sampson