Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Fond Farewell to the Lovely Dot Piedmont

Dot Piedmont with Anne (behind)
I got a note last night from my friend Christina Koomen that Dot Piedmont had died and immediately looked away from my computer and into the heart of one of her drawings hanging in my office, this one of Mill Mountain Theater when it was atop Mill Mountain.

Dot was a lovely woman in her 80s, full of life, always involved in the community, a fount of information and conversation and, quite simply, a delight. Always the artist, she was the first secretary of the Roanoke Museum of Art when it was formed in 1954 and she was always deeply involved in supporting and participating in the arts.

She was married for many years to my friend and colleague Don Piedmont, who died several years ago, and mother of my friend and colleague Anne Piedmont. Don and Anne were contributors to magazines I edited over the years.

Anne says Dot's calendar for this week was full. It always was.

Dot grew up with my former mother-in-law Kitty Koomen (Christina's mother) and Kitty used to tell the story of the two of them visiting the German POW camp in Catawba to watch the captured soldiers play soccer in the encampment. They both represented our "greatest generation" with a great deal of class. I didn't see Dot very often in recent years, but it is hard knowing she won't be there any longer. I wish her a lovely journey.

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