Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Official Launch of CLOG! Tonight at Hollins

The official launch of my new novel, CLOG!, is scheduled tonight at Hollins University, Main Building (the one with the rocking chairs on the porch, at the north end of the Quad), Green Drawing Room, 6-7:30. Hope you'll be there. I made cookies, my pal Chris Powell baked a cake and we will have liquid refreshment, as well. I may even read a few paragraphs, if asked. And only if asked.

We planned to have a group of cloggers, but Chris nixed that idea because of the rugs in the Drawing Room (where I was once a principal figure in a wedding reception). I'll miss the toe and heel taps on the hardwood floor.

Come say hello, buy a book (or I'll give you one if you can't afford it), and enjoy this coming of age story wrapped around a competition square dance team.

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